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The Proper Corner System

Proper Corner System For Building Loghomes

Gebhardt International Cedar Homes Inc. knows how important energy efficiency is in your home. One of the biggest complaints from log home owners is that there are air leaks in their walls. This is often a design problem, and is not the case in all log homes. At Gebhardt we have placed special emphasis on this part of our design. We understand that air tightness is important for the efficiency of your home. We are so confident in our technology that we offer all of our clients a 20 year limited warranty on the laminated logs used to build your home (when properly assembled and sealed).*

Laminated Log & Unique Drip Edge

The Laminated Log developed by our company, is the aristocrat of log construction. It is better than the natural log. Due to its unique construction, it will remain unchanged and keep its appearance over decades.

Our laminated logs have the same external appearance as our traditional logs. The only difference is the construction of the log: laminated logs are built up from three kiln-dried layers, so that the log cannot twist. The fact that laminated logs do not twist or crack ensures that they will last much longer than their natural counterparts.
The triple tongued and grooved joints, combined with the compression rods developed by Gebhardt, ensure that the logs remain securely in place.

The Exclusive Unique Drip Edge allows rain to flow freely down the outside of the wall, stopping the water from becoming trapped between the logs.

Thru-bolt rods with compression springs

To improve our system we use vertical thru-bolt rods with 1000 lbs. compression springs to stabilize the positioning of the log walls. The rods and springs are tough enough to suppress movements within the walls. They don't have to be maintained on a weekly basis like normal versions because they keep their position from the beginning.

We offer one of the most advanced log home systems in North America. Please contact one of our representatives today.